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This page is an ever-evolving digital companion to beyond the white wall that includes resources, tools, and fragments of reflection in response to the question:

What does an archive that supports the voices of Black women look like?

A space to confront and disrupt the ongoing impact of White supremacy to actively imagine a more equitable future for all.

stills from beyond the white wall–an evolving multi-layered, mixed media installation, pedagogical tool and counter-archive by Sylvie Stojanovski.

A space for listening.

Underrated Royalty by Shahaddah Jack (feat. Esdras Is-Ra-El)

A space for conversation.


How do you feel when listening to the poems on this page?

When, where, why and how do you think these poems were produced? 

What historical conditions allowed for these poems to emerge?

What key themes, ideas, and values are being upheld?

what stories, events and actions from the past have shaped your life in the present?

what stories have been omitted or erased? why?

what stories do you want to share with future generations?

A Prayer for Every Black Girl’s Life by Keosha Love
A one take by T